Property Renovations to Invest in Before Selling Your Home

Property Renovations to Invest in Before Selling Your Home

The warm weather has finally decided to make an appearance, flooding homes with natural light and bringing the best out of our British gardens – the ideal time to think about putting your house on the market.

But before you take the plunge, it’s worth thinking about whether your house is at its very best in order to achieve a higher valuation and, ultimately, sale price. So what renovations are worth investing in before selling your home?

The first areas to tackle are any structural issues which may be present. These are issues such as rising damp and missing or broken roof tiles. Although a more costly renovation to consider, they are most certainly worth the investment in terms of adding value onto your property – without them, the price of your house could plummet as potential viewers must not only consider the price of the repairs to fix themselves, but also the time and effort this will take for them.

Another means of adding value on to your home is converting any unused space. Perhaps you have a spare reception room or bedroom that has simply been used for storage – why not clear it out and decorate it to become a playroom? Lofts are also a brilliant way to increase your property’s worth, converting them into large bedrooms, office space or modern entertainment rooms.

The final more structural aspect to look at is the garden – are all walls and fences in working order, or do some stones or panels need replacing? If you’re no gardener, try sowing wildflower seeds into less maintainable patches of land – these native, bright and varied blooms need no upkeep and behave as a meadow, and help make uncared for areas far more alluring.

Don’t worry, not all renovations are costly structural ones – you can easily add value to your home through simple cosmetic changes. Cosmetic changes are all about updating your property to give it a more modern look to appeal to a wider audience. Easy changes include replacing old gas fires to electric or, if the chimney place hasn’t been blocked, a sought after wood burner.

Take a look at your carpets and see if they might need replacing – again, this will cost a bit of money but when viewers are looking at your property they’ll see that replacing carpets won’t be a job that they’ll have to do themselves. If you know you have original wooden floors underneath, you could even pull up your carpets and varnish the wood underneath. This gives a polished, elegant look to your home which is also neutral enough to allow viewers to easily imagine your house with their own mark on it.

On this subject, it’s worth putting some investment into updating kitchens and bathrooms – a few new tiles or a more modern oven can work wonders. If possible, replacing electric showers with power showers is a great idea; not only for practicality, but they are far more aesthetically pleasing – waterfall showers are a particularly popular trend right now.

Finally, it’s time to look at the smallest investment jobs. Tidy up any paint work, and be sure to take time at every inch of yours house – window frames and skirting boards may pass you be every day in your own home, but will stick out like a sore thumb to the fresh eyes of your viewers! Finally, why not invest in a professional window cleaner? This will ensure your panes are sparkling and bring in as much natural light as possible to make your home look larger and more inviting.

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