Landlords, what mistakes are you making in your letting agent search?

Landlords, what mistakes are you making in your letting agent search?

Find out what to look for and what to AVOID when choosing an agent.

It’s so difficult these days to know which is the best estate agency to go with, there’s so many out there now and they all make a lot of promises to be the perfect letting agent, so how do you choose?

We’ve put together a few things you should look for, and a few things you should AVOID on your search:

  • Do they have the right package for you?

Most letting agents offer packages of options from fully managed, to just finding a tenant. At Northwood Plymouth, we even offer an option for Guaranteed rent, where we become your tenant and pay you each month, even if there’s no tenant occupying the property! Figure out if the packages they offer you fit your lifestyle and budget, and ask for a bespoke quote if necessary. A good agent will go the extra mile to find out what you need and tick the right boxes.

  • How strict are their vetting processes?

If you’re really worried about your property, you may want a very strict vetting for a possible tenant. Or If you’re hoping to rent out quickly, and you don’t mind to who, you may want to be more lenient. If your agent doesn’t undertake enough checks, they may not be able to secure Landlord insurance for you. Ask your prospective agent what checks they undertake, whether they conduct face-to-face interviews, what references they ask for etc. Decide what you’re comfortable with, make sure you’re insured and go with what fits!

  • Do they charge extra for the little things?

The best agencies offer very honest and transparent pricing. There shouldn’t be lots of little extras added on that weren’t even mentioned at the beginning- this is a clear sign of an agent you should avoid. Check if the package you have chosen includes end of tenancy check out, finding a tenant, extra viewings and property maintenance, or find out if these will cost you extra. It’s the small things that will end up becoming pricey!

  • How do they take inventory?

If you have expensive furniture, or own a luxury apartment, it’s a great idea to find out exactly how your agent will plan to take inventory. Do they take photos? Will they list the estimated price of each object? Do they carefully check the inventory when the tenant moves out? Who pays for breakage? These are all important questions to be asking, and will give you peace of mind for your letting period.

Our clear, honest and thorough lettings management has gained us a reputation in our area as a trustworthy and hard working agency. We ensure every landlord and tenant is happy under our care, by sitting down with our landlords before hand, and making sure all of their bespoke needs are met. See for yourself what we can offer you by contacting us today.

You can also view our lettings guide on our website HERE

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