“How do I get the BEST value for money when selling or letting my home?”

“How do I get the BEST value for money when selling or letting my home?”

With the rise of different agents offering a wide range of services, it can be difficult sometimes to figure out the best option for YOU.

From flat rate online agents to traditional, involved and invested agents, really researching your best option is vital before making the decision.

The real question we find most people asking is: “How do I get the BEST value for money when selling or letting my home?” The truth is, investing in an agent, and a good one at that, is the absolute best way to end up with the most value, happiness, and least stress in your home move, but why?

  1. Marketing

Chances are, if you invest in a good agent, you’ll get great marketing for your home, something that could be a matter of make or break in your home sale. Good marketing means finding the RIGHT buyers quicker, and can cast a big net to bring in multiple buyers, driving up the ultimate price of your home. Agents also have access to Zoopla, Rightmove and other property portals which most people use when finding a new home.

  1. Knowledge

You are unlikely to have the first hand knowledge of the local market that estate agents do. You can easily lose money by undervaluing your house, or overvaluing it and not selling at all, and if you aren’t an experienced negotiator, you might not get the best price from a buyer.

  1. Safety

Estate agents check the validity and financial situation of potential buyers and have checks in place to guard against fraud. You may be leaving yourself more exposed to fraudsters by selling directly through a private sale.

  1. The 7-10% study

Studies have showed that the difference between the lowest price possible you receive for you home, and the highest price possible, is around 7-10% of the total sale or let. That 7-10% is the difference between a cheap agent, and a great agent you can invest in. While it may seem like you’ll save money going for the cheaper agent, or no agent at all, in the long run, it’s proven to lose you money when your home sell or lets for less.

  1. Involvement

An agent who’s willing to be involved heavily in your sale or let, stay by your side, sort out the problems, and really sell your home to its potential buyers or renters, will save you not only money, but a LOT of time and stress. It’s worth paying that little bit extra for an agent who really cares about getting you the best price.

  1. Ease

There are many little extras that come with selling or letting a home. Viewings, photographs, floor plans, marketing, insurance, and paperwork are just to name a few, and not all agents include them in their price. While they may not seem much each, it can quickly add up, leaving you out of pocket in the long run. Investing in a great agent means they take care of it all for you, and the stress you save is worth its weight in gold.

If you have time and are organized, patient, and willing to work hard then axing the estate agent can save you money. But it is not for the fainthearted – or inexperienced, and you still may end up losing money on your sale in the long run.

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